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MTLA02 – Dynamics 365 Customization Training – 3 DAYS – $399

The Dynamics 365 Customization Training is planned for users who know the system and want to customize the existing system by making changes that the system allows.

Customization and Configuration

This training is designed for applicants who have limited knowledge and want to customize the existing system by making changes that the system allows.

The biggest distinguishing feature of Dynamics 365 is the extensible architecture. Short to say, we can open objects or fields that fit your business needs on CRM and use them as if they were a part of Dynamics 365. With this capability, you can customize the existing structure as per your business needs. This feature provides endless options to meet your business requirements.

Starting from the security mechanism we will explain how to create and edit forms, views, and dashboards during the training session.

Once you complete this part you are able to create and manage their own forms as well as learn how to edit the existing forms that are ready in the system. In addition, you are able to understand the details of Field Level Security and 1:N, N:1, N:N relationship logic over CRM’s flexible customizable architecture.

App Architecture and Processes

Dynamics CRM automatically runs the workflows to perform various processes when adding, updating, or deleting a record. For example, if there is a link between CRM and your web site, any request over your website you can have an automated reply e-mail in the form of “your registration request received”. At the same time, you can provide data entry by directing the user with dialogue objects.

In this part of the training, workflow creation, workflow with Flow, and the usage of them in Dynamics CRM, specific structure creation with App for each unit, and dialog objects creation and interface visualization will be taught.


microsoft business solutions mvp baris kanlica

Barış Kanlıca is a Solution Architect and consultant on CRM/XRM and cloud-based business software and provides training. He has been awarded the Microsoft Business Applications MVP title by Microsoft since 2009.

After completing his MBA at Cardiff Metropolitan University, he was trained in FinTech (Financial Technologies – Artificial Intelligence and Data Science) at the University of Oxford.

You can find more information about him at these addresses.

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Price List 

MTLA02: Dynamics 365 Customization and Configuration Training – 3 Days: $399

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