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MTLA01 – Dynamics 365 Application Training – 3 DAYS – $399

Dynamics 365 Application Training has been designed for beginners and active users who want to increase their expertise.

SAles HUB APPlication

Dynamics CRM enables you to manage all your sales processes easily and quickly, starting from your basic needs, to complex horizontal and vertical sales strategies. In this section, the 360-degree view based on the concept of the customer will reveal all the contact points of your customer and guide you to make the right move at the right time.

This part will tell you how to manage your sales management process. This section shows that the Dynamics 365 CRM module controls your sales management process from all angles starting from leads and opportunity until the end of the sale period.

In this part, you will get how to coordinate your sales team and sales process with the support of the analysis chart and reporting tools.

The participant who completes this section is able to design the next actions of the sales team and able to analyze won and missed opportunities.

Customer Service Hub Application

This section is able to provide connected work streams between customer services to manage your processes efficiently within Dynamics CRM. The system is designed to meet the needs of mobile and immobile teams in your company. With this feature, you can provide valuable services to your customer timely and easily. On the other hand apart from customer services you are able to manage your team in an efficient way.

This part is consist of request/complaint tracking, management, and how to organize team member based on request/complaint objects. Also, Facility/equipment, service time, and service scheduling management will be taught. In addition, how to arrange the Service Agreements within the system for cases such as charging to the customer and guarantee conditions will be discussed. The applicant who completes this section will ensure the management of the service team for complex situations and will run reporting tools effectively.

Reporting Tools

Dynamics CRM has a feature of advanced search to reach and query all fields. The integrated reporting tool provides graphical and text-based reports within CRM.

In addition, you can access graphical data instantly over the dashboard and screens within Dynamics CRM. Creating reports and uploading them to the dashboard screens with PowerBI will also be described in this section. In this part of the training, it will be taught how these reports and boards are made.

Field Services Application – Overview

Field Service capabilities provide a complete Field Service management solution including preventive maintenance within Dynamics 365.

With this architecture you are able to optimize your service timing with efficient routing, resource matching and reduce travel time, to increase initial fixing rates and on-time delivery performance, to cooperate and engage with customer service, field service, dispatch center, and customers

We will talk about order management, resource management, product details, planning and dispatch, mobility, cooperation, invoicing, and analyzing details of architecture.

Project Management Application – Overview

Project Service Automation capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics 365 provide an end-to-end solution that helps sales and delivery teams interact with customers and deliver billable projects on time and on budget.

It assists you in capturing time, expense, and progress data for real-time insights and accurate billing when estimating, pricing, and contracting the job, planning, and allocating resources, enabling team collaboration.

Extended Functionalities

In this section, participants will be introduced to other important tools of the Microsoft Dynamics Platform.

Some basic information will be given about workflows integration with flow, machine learning, Unified Service Desk, PowerApps, Interactive Service Center and App Designer Architecture.

The content has been designed based on the needs of participants can see the whole structure on Dynamics 365 platform from end to end.


microsoft business solutions mvp baris kanlica

Barış Kanlıca is a Solution Architect and consultant on CRM/XRM and cloud-based business software and provides training. He has been awarded the Microsoft Business Applications MVP title by Microsoft since 2009.

After completing her MBA at Cardiff Metropolitan University, he was trained in FinTech (Financial Technologies – Artificial Intelligence and Data Science) at the University of Oxford.

You can find more information about him at these addresses.

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Price List 

MTLA01: Dynamics 365 Application Training – 3 Days: $399

You can also get Sales and Customer Service as 1-day training.

MTLA01-1: Sales Application Training – 1 Day: $199

MTLA01-2: Customer Service Application – 1 Day : $199

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