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Dynamics 365 Solutions, Product and Services

We have our own Power Platform Solutions which are right for your business…

Get a little more out of your Power Platform solutions by adding specialized software for marketing, lead generation, and mobile capabilities.

Here is the list of our all free tools…


Your business has many different systems to support a variety of tasks.

With our integration capabilities, we can connect these systems and their data into your Microsoft Dynamics CRM and/or Power Platform solution. We can create a robust software solution that can be utilized by your entire company.

Drive Business Transformation with Power Platform

We work hard to give our clients the time, attention, and dedication to help them meet their goals. With a unique combination of professional and technical resources, we offer organizations services that fit their needs today and as they grow.

Our highly motivated professionals bring their extensive knowledge and commitment to each engagement with a collaborative, hands-on approach. The focus on building relationships and understanding client needs make Mawens Business Solutions the distinct choice for organizations of all types and sizes.

With our skills and proven methodology, we:

  • Work with you to scale services to your needs
  • Leverage our extensive industry experience to identify any gaps or deficiencies
  • Provide services customized to each and every client
  • Collaborate with a team of experienced professionals
  • Offer timely, ongoing support to help meet your needs
Dynamics 365 Solutions, Product and Services, Support and Outsourcing

Many businesses in the millions develop each and every day and as such, the needs for professional IT services are always needed. When an entrepreneur has made the decision to start their own business, they must be aware of the selective decisions they make and how they intend to benefit from it. Outsourcing, in general, is used by almost every business as it helps to not only save time for internal staff members but is also a cost-effective way of getting the job done effectively.

If you have plans to build a complex, highly-scalable platform and have opted for Dynamics 365 to support your technical needs, meet your future team. Mawens Development Team is here just for this.

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Leverage the experience of our professional services consultants and our proven implementation methodology.

  • Assess
    Concepts | Experiments | Feasibility
    (Optional phase) Determine use case, explore high-level solutions, and test a solution through experiments. Gain confidence to move forward with a Cloud project to realize the solution.
  • Plan
    Detailed design | Implementation plan
    Develop a detailed architecture design and deployment plan — comprehensively scoped to implement the solution and execute on the detailed design and plan documents.
  • Deploy
    Execution | Migration | Expansion
    Execute on the detailed design and plan documents created during the previous plan phase. Realize solution in production.
  • Optimize
    Operations | Review | Enhancement
    After implementation, look for ways to establish operational best practices. In the steady state, look for opportunities to review and enhance existing processes and technologies.
Dynamics 365 Solutions, Product and Services and Support

We model your operational processes in your cloud or custom projects with Microsoft Dynamics 365-CRM and Power Platform.  We are minimizing your IT effort and increasing productivity while working with Microsoft Office 365. We provide you with fast and reliable access to the world’s most advanced technology services in Azure. Using Power BI, we transform your company’s data into rich visuals for you to collect and organize so you can focus on what matters to you.


Fast track access to your platform. For businesses that need a Dynamics 365-CRM, Power Platform, Azure and Office365 and the PowerBI in place quickly and on a fixed budget.


Multiple systems that need to work together. Integration between CRM and ERP and Marketing Automation is imperative to maintain sales performance, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.


We migrate data, configure the system gets ready to work…


You can buy 50, 100, 250 service hours to customise your system, build reports, training or development…

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