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Flexxii is a revolutionary new solution built by Mawens for marketing and customer service. Our Platform and API allow you to access to connect with people via SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Web Chat, … Also, the Smart Panel and Smart Survey allow you to collect data from your web visitors, leveraging mobile identity data and 2FA.

If you need an omnichannel solution for Power Platform Dynamics 365 to communicate with your audience via Whatsapp, you are in right place now.

We made it possible for your customers to reach you through all communication channels, however, we made customer data central and unique, regardless of which communication channel they came from.

We have gathered Live Support, E-Mail, Phone, Social Media, Whatsapp communication channels from the current and popular customer communication channels into a single center for you.

Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and Cloud Partner

We have gathered Live Support, Phone, Social Media, WhatsApp communication channels from the current and popular customer communication channels into a single center for you.

OmniChannel Engagement Platform

Fill the form download the Flexxii document, unlock to new features on your customer communication…

Flexxii Omnichannel Engagement Platform
Flexxii Omnichannel Engagement Platform

Agent & Supervisor Experiences

Simple, easy to learn experience; manage agent workforce; real-time monitoring

Unified Routing & Work Distribution

Channelize the work items originating across different channels

Live Chat Channel

Enable organizations to provide support on chat channel on websites & mobile devices

SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter Channel

Inbound & outbound messaging

API & Framework

ISVs can embed cloud telephony UI & enable data exchange with Flexxii with 3rd party solutions

Enrich your website

Smart Panel, Smart Survey, and other tools…

In or Out of Microsoft Dynamics/Power Platform

Flexxii is an approved solution for Microsoft Platform. It is your choice to use it in or out of Microsoft Business Applications. Power Platform Dynamics 365 and Whatsapp and social media together forever…

Flexxii MultiInterface
Flexxii MultiInterface

Mawens Business Solutions is one of the important Omni-Channel Platform leaders and Microsoft Dynamics Partner of the world. Flexxii is a platform that allows you to reach your customers quickly via Whatsapp, SMS, Email, Chatbot, WebForm and so on. In short, Flexxii is a revolutionary new solution for marketing and customer service.

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Also, you can send an email: hello@flexxii.com

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