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    The best way for manage a school

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amplify your  power

Turn insight into action

Give your sales managers and executives increased visibility into business health using rich inline visualizations and real-time dashboards.

mobile sales teams

Make your mobile sales teams productive and agile on the go

Give your mobile workers access to real-time customer and partner information for more impactful engagements. For more information please click here.

Customer Care

You must first win the hearts

With the right system of engagement, you do more than inspire them. You enable them to do what they do best—to shine.

School Management

The best way for manage a school

MawensEdu has been developed over Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2013 and it is a school management system which uses Dynamics CRM’s advanced sales and marketing capabilities.

#1 Sales Management System on Microsoft Dynamics CRM


Advanced user-interface of MW-Sales allows sales reps and their managers unique experience to present their catalogues, take orders, upsell and cross sell, create and fill-out customized forms and surveys, view their customers’ past activities including debt and payment history, view accounts near them on a map, communicate with their team through tasks and reminders synchronized with their Outlook and much, much more from any devices (iPad, Android, Windows Tablets).

With MW-Sales you are able to control all the information about your sales team while also being able to control your back office, warehouse, logistics, and all other important company operations you are undertaking. Also you can keep under control all your branches and warehouses form one location. Application gives support to multiple dynamic catalogues, customizable fields, multiple price lists with discount policies, multi-currencies and multi-language.

With MW-Sales while you take orders, you can see historical details of your customers and your active campaigns also get notifications about them and follow the daily stock information of your warehouses.

You are able to make a lot of different types of campaigns. You are able to organize and choose the start and end date and time for these campaigns also see information on how much profit and loss you have made throughout your campaigns. A list of campaign examples;
• Buy X get Y for free
• Buy X get Y at Z% discount
• Buy from list X and get from list Y
• Tiered discounts
• Buy Package X and get Package Y
• Buy Package X and get $ towards Package Y
• Buy X get a gift from gift list

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What is Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

Microsoft Dynamics CRM is customer relationship management (CRM) business solution that drives sales productivity and marketing effectiveness through social insights, business intelligence, and campaign management in the cloud, on-premises, or with a hybrid combination.

Customer relationship management (CRM) can help reduce costs and increase profitability by organising and automating business processes that nurture customer satisfaction and loyalty in the sales, marketing, and customer service fields. CRM solutions can deliver ROI through marketing automation, customer service, and sales force automation.

We also offer mobile CRM apps and platforms that enable you to manage your customer relationships on your mobile devices, along with tools that integrate data and reporting from social media directly into your CRM application.

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Sell effectively

Your customers know more than ever before—making buying decisions before you can even engage. Your sales team must adapt to the new customer journey. We enable you to zero in, win faster, and sell more. 
Care everywhere

Service expectations have changed forever. Customers expect quality, personalized service, on their terms. We help you earn loyalty, empower agents, and drive resolution with amazing service—at any time, via any channel. 
Market smarter

Marketing needs are constantly changing. You need to engage customers in new ways across new channels, while showing the ROI of investments. We help you engage customers, build pipeline, and demonstrate impact. 
Social for everyone

Social insight can inform great customer experiences, ensuring that messages resonate while highlighting trends that impact your brand. But it shouldn't cost a fortune or be limited to a few—it should be part of everything you do. 

What is Pepperi Order Tracking System?


SupeRep™ allows sales reps and their managers to present their catalogs, take orders, upsell and cross sell, create and fill-out customized forms and surveys, view their customers’ past activities including debt and payment history, view accounts near them on a map, communicate with their team through tasks and reminders synchronized with their Outlook and much, much more.

SupeRep™ offers out of the box integration to popular accounting and ERP systems (such as QuickBooks, SAP, Sage, NetSuite…) and fully integrates to CRM and payment systems. With thousands of users in 46 countries, 10 languages and dozens of industries (special fashion module*), SupeRep™ is the # 1 catalog, order-taking and CRM Sales Rep App serving all sizes of businesses − from independent sales reps to multinational manufacturers and distributors.

SupeRep™ works seamlessly with SuperBiz, a self-service ordering application, enabling our customers’ distributors and retailers to order directly from their website. SupeRep™ and SuperBiz use the same back office. Industry-specific demos with pre-loaded data as well as a fully functional free trial are available for download with no commitment.

  *Fashion industry modules include quick order matrix by size and color (with swatches), multiple sizing options, ordering by pre-packs, mix and match, future delivery and more.

Our customers report significant sales growth using our apps. “WRNTY's platform not only increased our sales, it increased our distributors' sales. It has made our international ordering process easier, faster and much more efficient.” - Jason Rimokh, CEO of Signal Products USA (Global licensee of GUESS handbags)

“SupeRep™ has streamlined our sales process and boosted the productivity of our sales reps.” - Jean-Daniel Maye, President of Marvin Watch Co. (Switzerland)

“Since implementing SupeRep™ we’ve seen an increase of 12% in the average size of our orders and 10% more total sales.” -Jaroslaw Romanski, President of Dajar (largest Central European wholesaler of housewares and garden furniture)

“SupeRep™ is the only solution we found that responds to all our requirements, while providing a unique combination of catalog, order taking and CRM that works both offline and online.” -Anthony Ward, Program Manager of Brammer Group (pan-European distributor of industrial MRO products) 

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